Feel the love

Last week I attended Big Stuff Conference 2013. 'Feel the love' was the title of the first talk given by Alison Wain from Australia and most participants would agree...

Big Stuff is a unique triennial international meeting focused on the challenges and triumphs of conserving our large technology heritage. The meeting has been hosted in Canberra, Bochum, and Duxford; and in September 2013 was held in Ottawa at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum and at the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

The conference featured three days of talks, workshops and discussions about the preservation of sites, oversized objects, machinery, and working technology in the context of their significance and interpretation. The meeting aimed to bring together Conservation professionals, Curators, and those working in or interested in the heritage field; to share experiences and ideas, and encourage a consistent approach to preserving technological heritage. The complete programm including abstracts is available here.

Hopefully Big Stuff will return in 2015 or 2017, parties interested in hosting the next event are welcome!

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